We’re in your home and come around for dinner, to play, to sit in your lap, or because we’re bored.  Once in a while to see you or to test you. We often disappear for hours because we just need some alone time.  Do we love you? Ummmm….next question. We’ll get back to that when we talk about why we pee in your shoes.   Do we like you?  Yes.  But let’s honest, this emotion does drift towards indifference.    

We do observe you.  We witness your lives from our perches and your laps. We see you as you are and as you can be.  

From this perspective, we have a message for you:  Be nice!  

We Ain’t No Pussy Cats and it doesn't matter. Whether you are neutered, spayed, or intact; whether you come from a fancy breeder, a shelter, a pound, or off the street; and whatever your mix of breeds ... we all deserve respect and to peacefully co-exist.

To quote one of the founding cats, we all have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. There is no them. Only us.

And you're welcome! ; )

- Gandalf, Hazel, Dabby, Trig, and Allistair